Booking Info

Booking usage is really simple. Just call me (Andy) at or shoot me an email at. I'll check the schedule and get things figured out with you.

I'm really reasonable and this thing didn't take a ton of bread to build. It was more a matter of time and effort, and therefore I'm only going to ask for a "suggested donation".

I'd love it if anyone using the space would be cool enough to pass some money my way, even if it's just a token of appreciation. But poor folks gotta have fun, too, so I'm flexible.
Stage Details
The stage itself is 16' x 16'. It has 10' of headroom at the front (downstage) and 8' on the back side corners (upstage). If this is too small for your needs, there is a LOT of space in the woods next to the stage.

There are a number of lighting options already on the stage, and users are welcome to put up lighting to meet their needs. Just work with me on modifications, OK.

There is power available to the stage. Presently it's just a 110v feed from the house, put I do hope to dedicate some breakers to the stage in the future.

If you live close by, the easiest thing to do is stop in sometime. If you park at the Chapel on the Hill, you can see the stage from their parking lot, by the playground. Just walk down the Cedar Hill Greenway trail to the stage.