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August 2013 - New roof Installed
Although the tarp roof allowed us to roll it up, it degraded within a year and we never really wanted to roll it up anyway.
So we put that clear corrugated plastic sheeting on instead. MUCH better all around!

August 2012 - Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods newspaper article printed
Melissa Bishop, friend to the woods, wrote a really nice article for the Anderson County Visions Magazine. Volume 8, Issue 4, August 2012
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May 2012 - First Open Event: Oak Ridge Music Appreciation Day Festival
We got the roof covered up and the seats assembled in time for the official opening! A day of music, food, friends and frivolity!
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August 2011 - Real Theater Seats Are Installed
High Places Church was kind enough to give The Woods thirty-six theater seats when they replaced theirs. Thank you so much!
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June 2011 - The Roof is Given a Rain Fly
Martin Hennessee and I figured out how to quickly set up a tarp rain fly, in case of rain during an event.
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May 2011 - The Roof is Raised
Eric Bishop, Eddie King, Martin Hennessee and I put the roof up and hang the lights from it.
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October 2010 - The Stage is Constructed
Randall Wilkerson, Chuck Cooper, Jamey Oran and I put the stage platform up and stain it.
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July 2007- The Property is Purchased
For the next three years I slowly pick away at the forest, clearing it of ivy, fallen trees, vines, trash, etc.